The notBGL library documentation page

The notBGL library is a user-friendly C++ interface providing a set of functions and objects to analyze the structure of graphs (or complex networks). It makes extensive use of the Boost Graph Library and is written with the objective to be highly customizable and versatile.

The Modules section offers a complete description of the library and the Examples section provides several examples of how to use it.

This project is a work in progress; comments are welcome.

Requirements / Usage

To facilitate its portability, the library consists in a single header file that must be included similarly to any header-only libraries like Boost or the STL. It requires

  • a recent version of the Boost Library;
  • a C++ compiler compatible with the C++14 standard.

The library can be downloaded from its Github repository.

Although the notBGL library does not require knowledge about the Boost Graph Library for its basic usage, any modification/adaptation will. Here is a list of useful resources to get you started